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Monheim Microphones

Monheim Channel Strip

Monheim Channel Strip

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This versatile all tube tracking and mix tool provides more flexibility than any channel strip at its value.

Applications:  Vocals, Drums, Guitar, Strings, and Mix Bus.  Channel Strip allows for tracking clean & clear Mic level sources, OR mixing Line level signals to improve lame, stale, source material and adding much needed harmonic content.

With Hi-fidelity tube Preamp and EQ, variable custom high fidelity transformer saturation, crisp, clean bandpass filters, mid-pultec-style EQ or Air Band flexibility, the Monheim Channel Strip is truly a one-stop shop for the everyday studio.  Whether you're using it as a tracking tool or mix tool, the options for tone sculpting and tube equalization are unparalleled.





  • High-end tube DI engineered for Bass & Guitar
  • Lowest Tube Preamp Noise Floor on the market
  • Seven step, variable transformer saturation
  • Stepped High Pass/Lo Cut filter
  • Dedicated input and output transformer
  • High-precision stepped output attenuator
  • 180 degree phase switch
  • Variable gain, wide bell, "Motown inspired" tube EQ.  (with Mid-Pultec-style boost and cut or "Air Band" options)
  • 2x NOS 6H23p-EB tubes. (6DJ8, 6922, ECC88 Equivalent)
  • All gain stages of the tube circuit may be inserted or removed via "Bypass" switch, including the Preamp
  • No phase change incurred across EQ

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