High-end audio tools made by hand without compromise for the best price possible.

After years of working in the Pro Audio industry and continually watching a huge disparity grow between what engineers, musicians and producers could afford, and the quality of gear they would receive, Andrew Monheim decided to start Monheim Microphones to make a change.

Some of the most creative work is created by people who can't afford expensive "studio quality" audio tools.  For years, he kept seeing a lot of young engineers, and smaller studios, who didn't have access to the high-end gear that all the producers, schools, and forums were talking about, strive to do their best regardless. 

With that in mind, Andrew decided to start his own microphone line that would offer pro audio at consumer prices.  All the mics are designed and constructed in-house; no Chinese manufacturer.  Also, one-on-one demos with Andrew himself, or one of Monheim Microphones' trained Mic Reps, are valued and highly encouraged. We love to get people excited, show them great new products that they can afford (or save up for), and teach them techniques they can use in their own work.

Welcome to the Renaissance of Professional Audio!